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Laura`s work is informed by a lifetime of exploration in movement, she is a versatile and knowledgeable teacher with over 30 years of experience in movement, her strength strikes from her diverse background, Dance, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Franklin method, Body Mind Centering and Contact Improvisation. Italian born choreographer, performer, teacher and video director has worked in Europe and Japan, for many years. Her Company “ Trinacria Teatro Danza” and “ Compagnia Guarnera Guy” has won many awards, including the “ International Choreographic Award “ Groninghen , The Netherlands, “ Leaders for London Millennium Award”, UK. Performing extensively in UK and Europe. Laura has been head of the Contemporary Dance Department at Performers Colleges, since 1997 where she taught contemporary dance (release based), choreography, improvisation, contact /body work. From 2012 she has moved into a Frelance base status. Her love for movement brought her to approach Pilates and Yoga,her visual and artistic visualization of movement, space-ground orientation and the relationship between movent and experimental anatomy. Laura travelled to India, to live the culture and the traditions of the homeland of Yoga. In Rajasthan she has gained a Diploma in Yoga and Meditation at the Saraswati Academy, India, she has just opened a new venue in Goa with Sandeep Meheta, “ Clubmeditation” Yoga Retreats. www.clubmeditation.com She is a Pilates Foundation UK Teacher/member, trained at The Place, London in the year 2000. Her interest lies on modern Pilates, bringing her to expand her approach to Pilates studying with stimulating teachers such as James De Silva, Anouska Bourne, Susanne Lahusen, and Gary Carter. Laura`s interest in ideokinesis has brought her to study with Eric Franklin, himself, the former member of the Franklin Method, to expand her visual approach to functional bodies. She teaches group yoga, Pilates and fusion classes in leading London`s centres, including Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, and rehabilitation centres such as, Physioactive Centre, Fusion and the Vale Practice. She also teaches one to one, private sessions and remedial work. Drawing from her background Laura has created her own unique way of working, Fluid Fusion, which she incorporates in her teaching. Laura’s unique style is particularly influenced by release technique and Scaravelli yoga. And body Mind Centering.

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