Laura Guarnera

Fluid Fusion with Laura Guarnera

Fluid Fusion developed by Laura Guarnera, is a unique, gentle and fluid style, aimed to challenge and invigorates body and mind.

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Laura Guarnera pilates


Pilates works the whole body, its aim is to develop the core muscles, in order to undo bad posture and encourage dynamic alignment.

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Laura Guarnera yoga

Yoga: Moving with the wave of the breath

Yoga means union, between mind, body and soul, connecting the true self, including improved strength, flexibility and mental clarity.

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Laura Guarnera dance

Dance: Moving more authentically // Release Based Class

Laura’s classes explore the interrelations between the inner anatomical landscape and the outer realm of perception.

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Laura Guarnera retreat

Spring Retreat 2011

Retreats are held in places of outstanding natural beauty to create the perfect antidote to stressful urban life , providing the yoga,pilates practice & ideal environment in which to relax, restore & replenish on every level to bring about total well being.

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