Trinacria Teatro Danza

Laura Guarnera

The Company's work is founded on the sustained collaborative relationship of dance artists Laura Guarnera and Danal Guy.
The Company aims to explore narrative and non-narrative forms through utilising the diversity of artistic approaches to dance theatre performance. The performers are not to be seen as interpreters but as individuals, each with his/her own story, reflected on stage with passionate intensity.

"Who is playing with my D"?( Spring Loaded 1990 - British Tour Winner of finalist award International Choreographic Competition,The Netherland)
"Riding on the waves instability of instability"(funded by LAB and WAB British tour 1992)
"Just because you don't see enough" (funded by LAB British/European Tour 1994-96)
"Barriere di cristallo" ( Film, Dance,Theatre Production 2001-2002)

Laura has also worked as freelance performer with "Some Dance Company" directed by Athina Vahla, Karen Greenough,in the Uk with "Seers" in Japan and has been guest artist of creative project residency with Wim Vandekeybus and Terry De Mey, Angelica Oei, Johana Leighton.

Educational Work
Moving more authentically Compagnia Guarnera and Guy`s approach to movement is free from the dance conventional methods and appeal therefore to awide range of people from professional dancers, youth groups,actors,musicians or simply those wishing to approach the new dance world. The company is available to teach weeklong residences or day workshop, designed to develop awareness in the expressive capabilities of the body and to push his physical capacity to the maximum.

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