Dance//Moving more authentically

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Release Based Class
Laura’s classes explore the interrelations between the inner anatomical landscape and the outer realm of perception. Combining improvised exploration and set material, the class is a journey through sensation and alertness, gravity and orientation, fluidity and clarity. We investigate movement as a way of relating to others and experiencing independence, being in and out of the floor, exploring form and finding freedom from it. Laura teaches energised classes with influences from release technique and physical theatre. The movement is focused on the use of weight, fluidity and engaging in the space multi directionally. The classes offer games, exercises and scores to encourage us to ‘wake up’ to the present moment and to our strength, awareness and pleasure in moving. Appreciating the information from our senses and the capacities in our co-ordination supports us to develop new qualities in our dancing. A particular focus will be on observing the flow of our attention so we can develop a consistent quality of connection

The art of contact work
Laura uses contact work as a way of sharing her own understanding of relationship. The art of contact is about trust, in our self and in the others, is about letting go of fears, is about sharing, about celebrating the joy of union , is about exploring the movement potential of our bodies and the creative potential of our minds. A style and technique based on improvisation, in which the individual support and utilize each other's body weight while in motion; Laura uses her knowledge of contact improvisation, partner yoga, trust yoga and body work with emphasis on the art of touching, falling, lifting, leaning, sliding, counter-balancing, and supporting the weight of another person.

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