Fluid Fusion with Laura Guarnera

Fluid Fusion

Fluid Fusion developed by Laura Guarnera, is a unique, gentle and fluid style, aimed to challenge and invigorates body and mind. Blending her passions for yoga, dance and pilates, in a creative a fluid way where magic and imagination are waved together. Creating through the use of the breath, fluid transition and a sense of centred equilibrium and calm, in the body, mind and spirit Fluid Fusion transforms classic yoga poses into flowing sequences, taking yoga off the matt. Laura will lead you through a free flowing blend of Yoga, Pilates and Dance using her choreographic skills to create fluid combinations in order to integrate the often fragmentised transition between elements of yoga and Pilates. Laura's unique style is particularly influenced by release technique, Scaravelli yoga , body mind centering and contact improvisation. This energetic and grounding practice invites you to move more freely in your own body by building energy and creating space in your heart centre. It is the staking of our whole being to the present moment, that allows us to feel our wholeness and how we are in fact not separate at all from all those who, and that which surrounds us.It is an act of love transforming and inviting us to see our beauty and experience our aliveness.  Laura will introduce you to poses that she uses in a unique sequence to create momentum and energy. Fluid fusion is a philosophy in motion that weaves together the power of a peaceful mind, a balanced body and a spirit of truth. Creative sequencing of postures (vinyasas) combines complimentary yoga postures (asanas) into powerful patterns of movement. These patterns warm your body, focus your mind and awaken you to a deeper sense of presence.

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