Yoga: Moving with the wave of the breath

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Yoga means union, between mind, body and soul, connecting the true self, including improved strength, flexibility and mental clarity.
Yoga gives Pilates flexibility and stillness, while Pilates offers stability and stillness in motion. Laura`s approach has been influenced by her studies of
Scaravelli Yoga, from this amazing Contemporary approach of Yoga explored by Vanda Scaravelli , she learned that Gravity is the teacher and the guide, when we practice.The class is designed to work with the natural movement of one's body in relation to gravity. This method focuses on the ground, the breath, and the spine. Movement is created from your core - naturally unfolding outward.
Releasing the weight of your body towards the earth and lengthening your spine will allow the earth's energy to freely move throughout your body and create an effortless breath. Your legs and feet become strong and well-grounded like roots of a tree. You will discover a freedom or, as Vanda would say, "a natural wave" in your spine. Your mind becomes focused and your body, free of tension.
The moment - or the stillness - between each pose gives you the opportunity to observe yourself on a physical and an emotional level.
The spine, our structural, nervous and energetic core of the body loves to be given space, loves to be free. When we take away competition, judgement, comparison and ambition and instead tune into the play of the incoming and outgoing breath and begin to move in relation to its rhythm and the earth, it begins to undo and conveys an important message. It says life flows freely and strongly and that we are happy to be here. Then the poses come.

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