Working closely on a one-to-one basis can help deepen your practice, and may be more appropriate if you are beginning yoga, pilates, dont feel comfortable working in a class situation, or have specific needs - such as rehabilitation of an injury.
During your individual session,we will choose together which aspect of Yoga,Pilates or Garuda you are more interested in and we will tailor the class according to your body needs.

Silver Pilates

Silver Pilates

Whether you're looking to learn the basics to give you confidence to join a class or to develop strength and ease in more challenging positions. By improving breath, core control, strength, mobility and coordination, faulty patterns shift towards efficient integrated movement and significantly reduce the risk of future injury.

I see the body as a beautiful book, and when I study your body, I can begin to read your Life, recognising muscle memory, I can help you find the connection between your body that has been, perhaps lost through years of bad habits.