Laura will lead you through a free blend of mindful flowing sequences, gradually increasing in intensity, synchronising breath and movement. Using her choreographic skills to create fluid combinations, in order to integrate the often fragmentised transition between elements of yoga. Yoga is about bringing wholeness to life! Her teaching method is centred around following the intelligent flow of life through movement and somatic guidance to nurture oneself and develop greater awareness of individual well-being.

This energetic and grounding practice invites you to move more freely in your own body by building energy and creating space in your body, visualising, moving from within, using a deeper knowledge of ideokinesis, somatic and experimental anatomy.

Laura’s classes explore the interrelations between the inner anatomical landscape and the outer realm of perception. Combining improvised exploration and set material, the classes are a journey through sensation and alertness, gravity and orientation, fluidity and clarity. Classes are designed to work with the natural movement of one's body in relation to gravity.

Inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, this method focuses on the ground, the breath, and the spine.

Movement is created from your core - naturally unfolding outward. At times taught to fresh soundtracks, with a focus on creating longer sequences, more like a spontaneous dance, using the essential skills of choreography, intension, clarity, motivation, space, timing, energy, phrasing, silence and sounds.

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 What students say

‘In the last two years Laura has helped me discover my own body. I am more supple now than I ever have been, even after having practised yoga for over a decade!  In trusting Laura, I have learned to trust my own potential to change, and I love the new connections I’ve made in her classes.’

Nicola, Writer

‘I always leave her class feeling energised, flexible and relaxed. She looks at who is in the class, what they need and creates from there. And she moves through the class to encourage and correct. Her positive feedback makes you want to better yourself.’

Sara, Actress


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