These classes aim to restore the body’s natural strength, undo bad posture, encourage dynamic alignment and increase flexibility and strength. Pilates Flow allows the body to unwind, and to find a deeper connection between physical and emotional being through the use of breath.

 Pilates  Flow works with clarity, inquiry and efficiency, integrating movement into a flowing whole body experience. 

Laura`s approach to Pilates is based on the concept of finding strength based on softness of the core, fluidity of connection and integration. Following and trusting the body knowledge without holding back, making friends with your vehicle and container, with the patterns of the mind and the flow of the breath.

 Pilates principles are applied  on and off the mat at times using small props,such as inflatable soft balls to unfold fascia,  using the resistance of walls, the support of benches, and the rolling massage quality of foam rollers, the results can be striking: defeating body habits and undoing unnecessary tension to move in an easy, multi-dimensional way.


What the Press Says

“Laura Guarnera draws on dance, and yoga as well as Pilates in her weekly class at Siobhan Davies Studio; her style is gentle and fluid, encouraging dynamic alignment and good posture". TIMEOUT magazine, health and fitness, inspiring workouts for mind and body. 

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Flow into Nature- Sicily 25th May-1st June 2019 Yoga|Pilates|Garuda Holiday in Sicily