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Machan Taylor

Machan Taylor

Magical meeting you and doing yoga with you Laura! It was the medicine I needed...another blessing on a fantastic International Tour in tribute for the "Pink Floyd "! See you next summer, in Sicily for more InSpiral Flow Magic Classes...🙏💖

Machan Taylor, Singer, Vocalist for Pink Floyd | Sting

From the second we arrived in the idyllic "Sicilian Baglio"  and entered the dreamy homely accommodation, I was in my element. Everything from having a ride to the beach trough beautiful paths,to hot tub and sauna, the beautiful lemon grove, the garden, to attending each yoga class by the pool felt like a wonderful treat. I would recommend everyone to do this retreat as much as they possibly can.”

Alison Furey, Doctor

Laura has been my Pilates teacher for over 5 years and it is no exaggeration to say that she has saved my body! Laura is a highly gifted, intuitive & skilled teacher with a wonderfully calm & loving approach. I trust Laura completely and thanks to her I have regained my upper body mobility following a bad injury. An hour with Laura is an hour of restorative joy.

Helen Varma, Company director and Charity Fundraiser

Laura’s Celebrate Life yoga holiday was a fantastic blend of gentle activity, relaxation, amazing food, fun and laughter. Laura has extensive training in yoga, Pilates and dance, and her classes are relaxed and easy to follow – even if like me, you have never been to one before. She worked with our differing abilities and sometimes-creaky bodies, adjusting poses and suggesting different movements for those of us with injuries or other limitations. As the week progressed, the long-standing ache in my left shoulder quietly subsided. Practising yoga outdoors engages all the senses. Morning sessions were held under the coconut trees to a soundtrack of noisy crows and the honking tuk-tuk of the watermelon seller. In the evening we took our mats to the beach and watched the sun sink into the horizon, before a final dip in the sea. And in between practice there was plenty of free time to do whatever we wanted – from dolphin-watching to buying ridiculously cheap souvenirs. I returned home feeling relaxed and healthy, having made wonderful friendships, and dreaming of returning next year.

Chris Morley, Journalist

In the last two years Laura has helped me discover my own body. I am more supple now than I ever have been, even after having practised yoga for over a decade!  In trusting Laura, I have learned to trust my own potential to change, and I love the new connections I’ve made in her classes.

Nicola Fields, Writer


Laura is an amazing and poetic teacher. Her classes are energetic and passionate; she blends her 30 years experience as a choreographer and dancer with her deep knowledge of yoga and Pilates! Her classes at sunset on the beach are awesome!. Thanks for a fabulous truly Sicilian Experience!

Antonella Fabiani- Photographer

Laura’s yoga is an innovative and  creative mingling of yoga, pilates and dance. As a trained dancer the movements she teaches flow with the natural rhythms of the body. This free and freeing style allows for all types to enjoy. What amazes me is that you always leave her class feeling energised, flexible and relaxed no matter what level you are. She looks at who is in the class, what they need and creates from there. And she moves through the class to encourage and correct. Her positive feedback makes you want to better yourself.
She also talks through in detail every movement and thought processes as she demonstrates.  I can recommend her
classes and also her yoga retreats in Goa. Everything beautifully organised and executed. Paradise.

Sarah Thurstan, Managing Director


I always leave her class feeling energised, flexible and relaxed. She looks at who is in the class, what they need and creates from there. And she moves through the class to encourage and correct. Her positive feedback makes you want to better yourself.

Sara Hood, Actress

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